December 9, 2014

In the middle of the night...

So this is another random blog post. I wouldn't call it random, cos it's not like I was eating my Maggi Mee at 12.30am and didn't think about blogging. But yeah. Random because I just wanted to have an outlet to vent/rant?

Okay, let me clarify something. I'm not gonna be like "advertising" stuff on my blog, so it's really just an outlet. I'm not out to get a gazillion followers. To me, writing is an outlet, and that's what this is. So what do I have on my mind at 12.30am? Well, my relationship.

I think when my boyfriend reads this, he's either gonna be happy or upset at me. But yeah.

My relationship (to me personally) is a pretty big deal, simply because I've been in the same relationship (and I'm not saying this in a bad way!) for the last four years plus. I've also read many Elite Daily ( postings about relationships and while I agree to some of them, I also disagree with many.

Every relationship is different which is why I'm not out to write about what other couples should or shouldn't do. This is just a personal reflection of my own relationship. I won't deny that I have had many ups and downs throughout the relationship. More ups than downs (obviously!) and every down time makes me really appreciate the effort both of us have put into this.

Why am I reflecting on my relationship? Well, cos honestly, a friend's friend had a really bad breakup. I kid you not. Like a really bad breakup. The type where it was really hard to not take note of. So what about my relationship? I just wanted to look back on some of the amazing times we've had together. This includes the bad times. Weird? Quite. But the bad times reminds me of how much we have gotten through together. It's amazing because I have had some really bad times but he was always there for me. So yeah. It's a nice reflection in the middle of the night before I fall asleep. Something positive to end the night with. :)

So, goodnight!

December 8, 2014

This post isn't gonna be all love and sunshine. Look away if you had a good day!

So, today I had a really horrible day. I don't really think I could call it horrible, but more like incredibly unfortunate. I'm just having one of those days, where I ended it in tears and I'm like asking myself why in the world is this happening.

I'm not gonna be one of those people who are like "life is all amazing" and all that bullshit, cos I believe everyone has some form of sh*t in their lives, nor am I gonna be like "life isn't worth living" and all that melodrama nonsense, cos well, everyone has sh*t. I think today's keyword for me would be that. SH*T.

Why is my day like this? Well, I don't think you guys need to know. Then why am I typing this? Well, to me, this is an outlet. A venting point. You will know when I start vlogging. Why do I wanna ruin your good day with this horrible blogpost? Well, did you read the title? Don't read this if you had a good day today. Today is just one of those days where I really cannot even begin to accept any form of positivity. So yeah.

I'm just gonna end my suck-a$$ day by watching videos of my favorite YouTube stars doing funny things. It's not much, but it does make me laugh, so whatever. Don't worry. I'll go back to being all positive tomorrow. TOMORROW.

I love you all, I'm just having a really bad day and let's just end it there.


November 28, 2014

In the Life of DancerGal: 20th November 2014

So on this particular day, I had a fun day out with friends.

From 11am, I drove to Subang, SS15, to meet up with Charmaine (a cousin of mine!) at Cosans Coffee. Our friends, John Low and Carmen Wong met us there and decided to drive us to Empire Subang for lunch. Carmen (then-preggers!) had decided on Serai and so, we went.

Our lunch was relatively simple and I didn't eat much anyway. We had some dishes (the steamed fish was pretty awesome and the fried brinjal was really good!) and the bill came up to about RM 80 plus (I think? I don't really remember cos it's been a while.

Then we headed off to Cosans Coffee for some coffee (like duh!) and to play some board games. Carmen had the green tea latte which was pretty yummy. I shall return and try it for myself. I had the iced french vanilla latte and that was pretty good as well. I definitely will go back to try more stuff. See you guys there, maybe? :)

Around 6pm, I headed off to Bangsar Village for a quick dinner with my family. Had a quick dinner at Three Little Pigs. Every time I go there, I realize the menu is really pretty small. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Your judgement. 

Then I headed off to Loudspeaker, Kota Damansara with Jeremy, Chrisy and Lyn Sheng for some much-needed karaoke/relaxation/catching up session. The prices there are relatively affordable and will definitely be a go-back place for singing. If there was a consideration not to go back, it would be because our mics were spoilt and it took a bit of our time to get us to a new room. In terms of service, that would have to be my only complain. But yeah. I had a great time! Can't wait to spend more time out with mah friends <3 nbsp="" p="">

November 23, 2014

DancerGal's Review: Dramatic Confidence 101 / SHOWCASE

I'm gonna start by saying this review is pretty biased, because first of all, the teacher is a personal friend, and also a personal mentor. Hence, there is NOTHING bad that I will say, because I love everything he does. Oh wait, there is one. THE CLASS IS TOO SHORT! I WANNA SPEND MORE TIME WITH ALL OF YOU! :P

Anyway, back to the main point. As some of you may know, I was recently part of "SHOWCASE", a collaboration between the graduating students of Dramatic Confidence 101 and Taylor's Society of Performing Arts. SHOWCASE was a theater performance combining multiple excerpts of film scenes staged live, with segments of improvised comedy performed by the Society of Performing Arts, accompanied with LIVE directions. Lucky audiences were also given a chance to participate in the acting games and improv segment.

So, I was given the honor by the teacher, director, producer and friend, Dennis Yeap, to play Tiffany Maxwell, from "Silver Linings Playbook" alongside Jeremy Goh, who played Pat Solatano Jr. When I first got the call that he needed someone to play this role, ALL I could think about was "JENNIFER LAWRENCE PLAYED THIS ROLE! OSCAR WINNER LEH! HOW CAN?" That was my FIRST thought. Secondly, "you'll be playing alongside someone with stage paralysis". "WHAT NONSENSE IS THIS? WHAT IF HE RUNS AWAY?" So you can imagine the breath of relief and my gratitude towards Jeremy when he pulled through :)

So about this class, Dennis conducted a masterclass earlier this year for a bunch of us. A few of us joined and we did get to play with scenes, but not as elaborate as this. So, when I did get the invite to join this particular class, I was excited, but broke at the same time. Towards the last few classes, I was invited once again to join but this time, miracles happened and I was able to afford the class. I cannot thank Dennis enough for giving me that second call and giving me the opportunity to take the stage with Jeremy. Through this class, as therapeutic as it was, I found many good friends which I promise to care for as much as I can.

During the discovery of Tiffany, I also learned a lot about empathy and the human condition. I really was able to connect with Tiffany simply by the lessons that Dennis has taught me. It wasn't easy, I admit, but I did it. I am incredibly proud of Jeremy (Pat) who overcame his stage fright and really was able to connect with me on and off stage. He not only overcame his stage fright and paralysis, I was also able to find in Jeremy, a great friend, to which I am incredibly grateful for.

The other actors, Kerry-Ann, Kellen, Chrisy and Lyn Sheng, are friends who you get after spending some quality time with them. I truly love them so much. It really makes me so happy! :D Can't wait for our many years of friendship to come. I really cannot thank Dennis Yeap enough for giving me the opportunity to learn under him, and of course, to showcase (in the literal sense!) what we have learned. Through his class, I've gained not only my confidence (both on and offstage!), but I also learned about the human connection.

As for the actual show, I really had a lot of fun connecting with Tiffany and of course, Pat. It was great to be able to experiment with how and what they were all feeling and the most positive comment I could ever receive, was that someone actually thought that Jeremy and I were a real thing. HAHAHAHA! It may have seemed that way, but that just only shows what Dennis has done to us, bringing our chemistry out and I can only thank you for that.

Thank you once again to all the friends I've made throughout this course and to my support system, Mr. SammoBammo who has just been so supportive of me. I also need to mention Charmaine and Davin who came to watch the show as well. THANK YOU ALL! I had such an amazing experience and I can only move on from here. This includes in taking the friendships that I have made, FORWARD! Love you all!

P/S: To any of you who are interested, please stay tuned as I will be posting more info about Dennis' upcoming workshop! :D

November 17, 2014

Refreshing my blog...

So I know and I do realize that it's been a while since I've blogged and I'm really sorry for that. I've just been so incredibly busy, but I am currently in the process of revamping my blog, so I will be refreshing most or all of my posts, or even changing the blog link (I haven't exactly decided, so yeah!), but I will update you as soon as I can.

Thanks for staying tune! <3 :="" and="" hugs="" kisses="" loads="" nbsp="" of="" p="">

May 2, 2014

In the Life of DancerGal: 2014 BCAA Nominee Awards Party!

A total of 105 nominees were ecstatic when they were announced that they were eligible for the 11th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (BCAA or Cammies) The evening, hosted by Alexis Bistro, The Gardens Mall was truly a wonderful experience. It was such a joy to see arts practitioners from all genres of performing arts, gather together. One can only imagine the amount of creativity brewing within the community.

The theme for this year’s Cammies is “Pop Yeh Yeh” pays tribute to the 1960’s and the three legends that embody its spirit of creative freedom. The three legends are none other than Tan Sri P. Ramlee, Dato’ Usman Awang, and Datuk Krishen Jit. This was all announced by emcee Malik Taufiq, who himself was a recipient of a Cammie at the 7th Cammie awards.

Personally, there were some standout nominees to me. For dance, it would have to be Flatland which I was able to watch. Choreographed by Suhaili Micheline and produced by TerryandtheCuz, this one-of-a-kind piece was nominated for 6 out of 8 categories under Dance.

For musical theatre, there are two main nominees that catch my eye. Firstly, The Producers by PAN Productions. Being a musical theatre fan, I can’t help but remind myself of the time I first watched The Producers, the movie-musical. I remember the songs and the depth of the musical which PAN Productions and specifically director, Nell Ng, managed to help us understand the characters better and made it very wonderful to watch. The Producers is nominated for 6 out of 7 categories under Musical Theatre. Secondly has to be the amazingly written and composed piece by Nick Choo, The Edge. I watched The Edge four times and I cried for all four. Having had a personal experience with suicide (no, I have never attempted suicide!), this musical really touches people right in the heart. It was such a joy to watch and is dark and deep in a way that I really enjoyed. Not to mention, the music was memorable. The Edge is nominated for 6 out of 7 categories under Musical Theatre as well. Wow, that’s quite a tight fight.

Regardless of the categories, here’s wishing all the nominees all the best and may your work continue to motivate others to create and work magic to the performing arts industry. In the awards, we may all be competing against one another, but we cannot forget that we are all in the same industry. In order for the industry to prosper, we will need to share our knowledge and creative ideas with one another. Who knows? Your ideas may become reality some day.

Thanks a huge bunch to BOH and Kakiseni for inviting me! :) I had a great night out and was pretty bummed that I missed the other 2 events though :( 

January 29, 2014

In the Life of DancerGal: My new hobby!

Updated 150914: List of rooms played (will update) 

Hey guys! I know it's been a super long while since my last update. I promised to blog more, but I've been so busy doing so many things (yes, at the same time!) that I haven't really found the time to blog. So anyway, here's a simple and quick update about my newfound hobby: ESCAPING from rooms!

Code Factory

Escape Zone


Break the Code
Mission Break
Rush Hour
Escape Room
Escape Dungeon
Freeing Room

When we (and by we, I mean SammoBammo and myself) heard about this, we weren't too sure about it. And then, a few of my friends attempted it for the very first time. Now, if someone doesn't know much about me, all they have to do is play one round of Escape Room with me and then they'll know how I am. I can be insanely competitive so picking the right group was essential and I'm glad we've found an amazing team :)

Anyway, back to the story, the group of friends of mine who played it didn't really make it so we thought we'd try it out. We picked a room that was just for the two of us and suitable for two people. Our first room together was "Abandoned Factory" from Escape Room, e@Curve. We lost the room, but the person who let us out gave us three options. One, leave the room and come back again. Two, he'll give us the hint of the next puzzle and then we come back again. Three, crack the room completely. I wanted to know what was the reason we didn't make it out, so we decided to crack the room. After cracking the room, I learned a couple of things including how to keep my competitiveness in check. Once that was over, we were quite confident to play with my cousin and his partner-in-crime. They have been at this quite often and even blog about each room they play! Read their blog here:

We then moved on to our second room, "Prison Break" from Escape Room, e@Curve. We had pretty good teamwork and so, we actually managed to escape. The feeling of winning was so intense, that we just had to keep going. Since then, we have been playing rather consistently and although we've only lost one room together, we substitute that horrible disappointing feeling by ensuring that we win more rooms. Here are some of the rooms we've played thus far (and their results, cos I really enjoy gloating!) :P
  1. "Abandoned Factory", Escape Room, e@Curve - Lost (2 pax) - has been replaced by The Overlook Hotel: Room 13
  2. "Prison Break", Escape Room, e@Curve - Win (4 pax) 
  3. "Memento", Mission Q, SS15 Subang - Win (For two players only!) 
  4. "Prison Break", MissionQ, SS15 Subang - Win (4 pax) 
  5. "Wonderland", Escape Room, Berjaya Times Square - Win (4 pax)
  6. "The Vampire Chronicles", Escape Room, Berjaya Times Square - Lost (4 pax)
  7. "Up!", Escape Room, Setiawalk Mall Puchong - Win (#3 for the week - 4 pax)
  8. "Dungeons of Doom", Escape Room, Setiawalk Mall Puchong - Win (#2 for the week - 4 pax)
  9. "Mummy Room", Escape Room, e@Curve - Win (#1 for the week - 4 pax) 
  10. "The Treasure Era", Freeing Room, Taman Connaught Cheras - Perfect (2 pax)
  11. "Art Gallery", Escape Room, Berjaya Times Square - Win (3 pax)
  12. "Missing Corpse", MissionQ, SS15 Subang - Win (#1 Hall of Fame - 6 pax)
  13. "Unleashing the Matrix", MissionQ, SS15 Subang - Win (5 pax) - is being replaced
  14. "Haunted House", Escape Room, Berjaya Times Square - Win (6 pax)
  15. "Taken", Escape Room, Berjaya Times Square - Win (8 pax - #1 for the week!) 
  16. "Mysterious Room", Escape Room, e@Curve - Win (4 pax)
  17. "Secret Lab", Escape Room, Setiawalk Mall, Puchong - Win (6 pax - #2 for the week!) 
  18. "Crime Scene", Escape Room, Setiawalk Mall Puchong - Win (6 pax - #3 for the week!) 
  19. "Saving Ms. Ryan", Escape Dungeon, SS15 Subang - Win (4 pax - #1 Hall of Fame!) 
  20. "Trapped", Escape Dungeon, SS15 Subang - Win (4 pax - #3 Hall of Fame!) 
  21. "Ruins of Damnation", Escape Dungeon, SS15 Subang - Lost (4 pax)
  22. "Curious Murder", Escape Dungeon, SS15 Subang - Win (4 pax) 
  23. "Day and Night", MissionQ, SS15 Subang - Win (4 pax) 
  24. "Haunted Chamber", Escape Dungeon, SS15 Subang - Win (4 pax - I quit halfway!) 
  25. "Fairy Tale", Rush Hour, Setapak - Win (4 pax - no Hall of Fame yet)
  26. "Prison Break", Rush Hour, Setapak - Win (4 pax) 
  27. "Murder in Crime Investigation", Rush Hour, Setapak - Lost (4 pax) 
  28. "The Pyramid", Rush Hour, Setapak - Win (4 pax)
  29. "The Morgue", Rush Hour, Setapak - Win (4 pax) 
  30. "The World Behind the Mirror", Rush Hour, Setapak - Win (4 pax) 
  31. "World War 007", Freeing Room, Taman Connaught - Perfect (6 pax) 
  32. "Biohazard Lab", Freeing Room, Taman Connaught - Perfect (6 pax) 
  33. "Pirate Ship", Escape Room, e@Curve - Win (5 pax) 
  34. "The Slaughter House", Escape Room, e@Curve - Win (5 pax) 
  35. "Saw", Mission Break, Mahkota Cheras - Win (4 pax) 
  36. "Identity", Mission Break, Mahkota Cheras - Win (4 pax) 
  37. "The Shahara Prison", Mission Break, Mahkota Cheras - Lost (4 pax)
  38. "Escape Room x Fear Factor", Escape Room, Setiawalk Mall Puchong - Win (4 pax)
  39. "Heaven and Hell", Escape Room, Berjaya Times Square - Lost (4 pax) 
  40. "Project Fallout", Breakout, Avenue K - Win (6 pax) 
  41. "Infinity", Breakout, Avenue K - Win (6 pax) 
  42. "Chamber of Hocus", Breakout, Avenue K - Lost (5 pax) 
  43. "Mr Oswald's Greatest Show", Breakout, Avenue K - Win (5 pax)
  44. "The Greatest Murder of Westwood", Breakout, Avenue K - Win (5 pax)
  45. "The Overlook Hotel: Room 13", Escape Room, e@Curve - Win (6 pax)
  46. "Kidnapped", Break The Code, Penang - Win (4 pax - 2nd place) 
  47. "Crazy Lab", Break The Code, Penang - Loss (4 pax)
  48. "Pirates Ship", Break The Code, Penang - Win (4 pax - 2nd place) 
  49. "Detective-X", Break The Code, Penang - Win (4 pax - 1st place) 
  50. "Escape Plan: Behind the Bars", Traphauz, Sunway Mentari - Win (6 pax) 
  51. "Kidnapped", Traphauz, Sunway Mentari - Win (6 pax) 
  52. "Back to the Future", Traphauz, Sunway Mentari - Win (7 pax) 
  53. "The Egyptian Tomb", Traphauz, Sunway Mentari - Win (7 pax)
  54. "Malaysia Room", Escape Room, Berjaya Times Square - Win (8 pax - #1 for the week) 
  55. "Classroom", Escape Zone, Kota Damansara - Win (5 pax - record breaking time!) 
  56. "Puppet House", Escape Zone, Kota Damansara - Win (5 pax - record breaking time!)
  57. "Classroom Murder", Code Factory, Jaya Shopping Centre - Win (6 pax) 
  58. "Lost", Code Factory, Jaya Shopping Centre - Win (6 pax) 
  59. "The Asylum", Escape Zone, Kota Damansara - Win (6 pax - #3 on the Hall of Fame) 
So, a teeny background story about the "Perfect" status. Freeing Room has this thing where instead of just escaping the room, you would have to complete a mission. This mission, should you choose to accept it, will determine on whether you just "win" or achieve the "perfect" status. If you only escape the room but don't complete the mission, then you will just "win". If you manage to escape the room and complete the mission, you will achieve the "perfect" status. When we were given the briefing, we thought it was a bit tough, but pfft! 

Playing in a consistent mode (almost two rooms per week) with my cousin and his partner, allowed us to come up with a team name. Our team is called "Team SPeeDS" which has two meanings. Firstly, the word SPeeDS spells the following: Charmaine Andrew Sam Patrick Enigmatic Escape Doro Sheryl.  Secondly, the word speeds also represents the fact that we try our best to get out as fast as we can. It's been an amazing and productive teamwork and we've been accomplishing a hell-load! All hail #TeamCASPeeDS!!!

Some people might be all judgmental and shit and wondering why the heck is this woman taking this little game so seriously?! Well, here's the thing, I don't take things lightly. I love the intensity, the competitive attitude that this "little game" brings to me. I love the satisfaction of winning and the disappointment of losing, which encourages me to understand why we lost and do better the next time around. It's almost somewhat of an addiction and I can honestly tell you, it doesn't seem to be getting lighter. There are rooms that our partners have already played and we will have to catch up, but I do believe that all is well and we will prevail! :) 

So yes, that's just a quick and simple update of me. I will be doing my best to blog a bit more, and updating you on the bits and pieces of myself. If you want to get to know me better, please do not hesitate to follow me on the following social media platforms: 

Instagram: @sherylhosulynn
Twitter: @sherylhosulynn
Team Facebook Page: (PLEASE LIKE US!)  

Thank you for reading! 

Love always, 
DancerGal Sheryl!