December 9, 2014

In the middle of the night...

So this is another random blog post. I wouldn't call it random, cos it's not like I was eating my Maggi Mee at 12.30am and didn't think about blogging. But yeah. Random because I just wanted to have an outlet to vent/rant?

Okay, let me clarify something. I'm not gonna be like "advertising" stuff on my blog, so it's really just an outlet. I'm not out to get a gazillion followers. To me, writing is an outlet, and that's what this is. So what do I have on my mind at 12.30am? Well, my relationship.

I think when my boyfriend reads this, he's either gonna be happy or upset at me. But yeah.

My relationship (to me personally) is a pretty big deal, simply because I've been in the same relationship (and I'm not saying this in a bad way!) for the last four years plus. I've also read many Elite Daily ( postings about relationships and while I agree to some of them, I also disagree with many.

Every relationship is different which is why I'm not out to write about what other couples should or shouldn't do. This is just a personal reflection of my own relationship. I won't deny that I have had many ups and downs throughout the relationship. More ups than downs (obviously!) and every down time makes me really appreciate the effort both of us have put into this.

Why am I reflecting on my relationship? Well, cos honestly, a friend's friend had a really bad breakup. I kid you not. Like a really bad breakup. The type where it was really hard to not take note of. So what about my relationship? I just wanted to look back on some of the amazing times we've had together. This includes the bad times. Weird? Quite. But the bad times reminds me of how much we have gotten through together. It's amazing because I have had some really bad times but he was always there for me. So yeah. It's a nice reflection in the middle of the night before I fall asleep. Something positive to end the night with. :)

So, goodnight!

December 8, 2014

This post isn't gonna be all love and sunshine. Look away if you had a good day!

So, today I had a really horrible day. I don't really think I could call it horrible, but more like incredibly unfortunate. I'm just having one of those days, where I ended it in tears and I'm like asking myself why in the world is this happening.

I'm not gonna be one of those people who are like "life is all amazing" and all that bullshit, cos I believe everyone has some form of sh*t in their lives, nor am I gonna be like "life isn't worth living" and all that melodrama nonsense, cos well, everyone has sh*t. I think today's keyword for me would be that. SH*T.

Why is my day like this? Well, I don't think you guys need to know. Then why am I typing this? Well, to me, this is an outlet. A venting point. You will know when I start vlogging. Why do I wanna ruin your good day with this horrible blogpost? Well, did you read the title? Don't read this if you had a good day today. Today is just one of those days where I really cannot even begin to accept any form of positivity. So yeah.

I'm just gonna end my suck-a$$ day by watching videos of my favorite YouTube stars doing funny things. It's not much, but it does make me laugh, so whatever. Don't worry. I'll go back to being all positive tomorrow. TOMORROW.

I love you all, I'm just having a really bad day and let's just end it there.