May 28, 2012

In the life of DancerGal: Celebrating motivationMY's FIRST birthday :)

So the date, time and venue was set...ish and we finally decided to organize #twtupDOME where the marvelous tweeples I've come to know over twitter, are finally meeting one another - FACE TO FACE!!!!

Initially, I felt nervous and scared. With the exception of the founder, Syafique, I've never met any of the rest before! I wonder, how would they see me? How would their impression of me be? After all, I would be the ONLY Chinese there!!!! (the racist blood in me was pumping) But then, when each and everyone of them came, they were such pleasant little things :) Made me feel so much better, not to mention all the laughing and the "gossiping" :P

I shall introduce them in sequence of attendance as I was THE FIRST (as always! :P) to arrive. :) *rolling the red carpet*

First, came Founder of @motivationMY and, SYAFIQUE SHUIB! :) I'd met him a few times and he is just plain nice :) Not to mention his silly and funny antics! So we talked about our jobs, our wants, dreams, aspirations, etc :P TOTALLY NOT TRUE! We were just plain crapping around and laughing about it. Haha!

Then came Fendi and his superbly awesome birthday boy (it was his birthday on 26th May), IZZY! :) He's so adorable and Syafique and I tried to get him to smile or look at us, but he was so shy! :( Found out Fendi's job and interests which was really one of a kind :) interesting dude, not to mention all the posing and laughter and all! :)

Then *MAJOR RED CARPET* for Achik!! The resident ambassador to YES 4G! :P His job seems really awesome as it's basically what brought all of us together in the first place - SOCIAL MEDIA! :) He was promoting 4G to us like nobody's business! HAHA! We agreed to get the huddle if he would give us each a free Eclipse (the new phone from YES!) :D

Topics of conversation varied WIDELY from Siti Nurhaliza, to fruits on someone's belly *AHEM*, to ass-wiping the media *AHEM AHEM*, to Izzy's birthday, to marketing and promotion, to when and where our next twtup should be :) We took some photos, but sadly my photos are all in my phone which I have been unable to extract. :( So for now, I will be using pics from (credits to Syafique's iPad)!!!

*The awesome TwtupDOME gang: Achik, myself, Izzy (busy with tab) and Fendi*

*The awesome TwtupDOME gang: Achik, myself, and Syafique*

*The awesome TwtupDOME gang: Myself and Syafique*

*The awesome TwtupDOME gang: Syafique and Achik*

*The awesome TwtupDOME gang: Achik showing off his YES 4G and Fendi being AMAZED by the speed!*

Thank you so much guys for the awesome awesome time! I honestly did not expect the very friendly friendly people, not to mention, Izzy :) I would be really happy to meet all of you again! Next twtup bila and where? Let's make it bigger, and grow the group!!! <3 

Last but not least, a special SHOUTOUT to on their FIRST birthday!!! Looking forward to many more to come!! :D 

Love always,
DancerGal Sheryl <3