July 22, 2015

My Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

I've lived in Kuala Lumpur for the last 29 years of my life, and never did I really consider blogging about her. Well, not until I recently realized, I've been going out a lot around town, but never really "documenting" my adventures, so here goes nothing! :D

Kuala Lumpur is the national capital and most populous city in Malaysia. Most people will think it's just all skyscrapers and buildings, but it's surrounded by the best places for live theatre and music. So for most of you, you'll already know that I'm an avid performing arts fan. I love going to catch some musicals, live jazz performances, etc. So for me, in Kuala Lumpur, here are the top 3 locations of my own personal preference to catch some lovely works of art.

(Not ranked in any way, shape or form)

1. Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC), Sentul

Around the bustling city, lies this treasure trove. Supporting local and even international performances, the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre has a fair share of talents. If you're looking for a musical, or a ballet, or a theatre performance, this would be the first place to check out. It's serene surroundings provide a wonderful atmosphere for performing arts enthusiasts like me to come and watch a show in peace. Show prices depend on the performing companies themselves. Some may range from as cheap as RM 20 to as expensive as RM 200. Although it was the very first performing arts centre in Kuala Lumpur, it most definitely wasn't the last. 

I've been to KLPAC at least 10 times in the last 7 plus months alone. It's really a culture hub. It doesn't just showcase performances, but also organizes workshops every now and again for individuals who are interested in honing their craft as well. Definitely one of the first places to check out in Kuala Lumpur if you're a performing arts enthusiasts like myself! 

Do visit their link to find out more information about their upcoming schedules! 

2. Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC), Damansara Perdana

Located in the middle of the bustling area of Damansara Perdana, when you walk into DPAC, you automatically know that you are walking into a performing arts area. DPAC has the ultimate box office area, sorta like what you see in movies from New York! What I like about DPAC is the way they have located their multiple stages. For example, the main theatre is located one floor below the black box. That way, they are not too close to each other and sometimes, that annoys me. I also love the fact that DPAC has their own ballet company. No, joining their company was never an option for me as I don't have the skills. However, I have joined workshops in their lovely studio located one floor above the main theatre. 

There are also MANY eateries around the area. So if you're feeling hungry before or after a show, walk around this beautiful location. Sometimes I even go to the area just to have a cup of coffee or eat! That's how much this place rocks! :D 

To know more about DPAC, click this link right here!

3. Alexis, Jalan Ampang

Alexis Bar and Bistro are famous for their live performances almost every weekend. What's interesting about their performances is that they are NEVER the same! From what I understand, performers pitch their ideas to Alexis (which usually includes a theme) and Alexis will give their approval. Now, here's the best part, ALL THEIR SHOWS ARE FREE OF CHARGE! Alexis provides a wonderful array of food and drink choices which you pay for, but you get to watch the shows for free! HOW WONDERFUL IS THAT? 

I've always enjoyed the food at Alexis, so when I have friends performing, it's really a no-brainer for me to just go early, have some dinner (the shows normally start around 9pm or 10pm), get a nice table, chat with some friends, and then of course, enjoy a lovely jazz/live performance show. The quality of the performers have been nothing less than tiptop and it shows a wonderful support for the local jazz acts. You can visit their website to find out more about their shows throughout the month. 

Of course, these are not the ONLY locations in Kuala Lumpur to get some performing arts action. These are just my personal top 3. Since I'm always on the lookout for new things to do and places to go, a great website to help me discover new places is Eventbrite! Eventbrite is a global marketplace for people to find events within YOUR geographical area! It's so cool! Whether it's for me to look for an event around my area, or to look for things to do while I'm traveling, it's perfect!

If you are interested in starting up your own event, first of all, don't forget to invite me (*wink*). Secondly, why not try using Eventbrite's event management and ticket selling pages? They're free event management tools for you to use to help spread the word about your event and track its progress. Click this link to find out more!

Have any of you used Eventbrite before? Any tips that you can offer? :D

Let me know!

Love always,
DancerGal Sheryl!