April 10, 2015

March 2015 Favorites!

It seemed like only a couple of weeks back I did a February faves! Can't believe it's already April! I contemplated doing a March favorites because I wasn't sure if I had anything to "favorite", but then I realized I did so I decided to blog anyway. Here goes nothing!


Frozen fruit smoothies!

FROZEN FRUIT SMOOTHIES have been something I've been really enjoying. I love getting seasoned fruits, chopping them up, putting them in little baggies, then freezing them. Depending on how I feel and what happens to be in the fridge at the time, I'll mix a couple of them in the blender and just go to town with the frozen fruits. They make a refreshing and yummy treat as well as a health booster! I also found frozen fruits sold in supermarkets, but I have yet to try them and because some of them are imported, they could be fresher stuffs. I'm not too sure because I haven't tried it myself. But even with my current supply of like dragonfruits, strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, grapes and others, they already taste pretty yummy. :) I intend to try and keep this up because it's a really nice treat for myself and it feels pretty healthy because there's no sugar of any kind. :)

Coconut Water! 

COCONUT WATER is another thing I've been LOVING! Whether as it is, or mixed into my fruit smoothies, I've been seriously enjoying the hydrating benefits from coconut water in my lifestyle. I don't get the ones that are processed, but the ones from the fruit stalls that the guy cuts and removes the water right in front of me. I just really love the taste, and since I don't really like drinking water, I thought that drinking this would be just as beneficial. However, because they're pretty hard to find, I don't have them very often. If you happen to know a good, reliable coconut vendor around the Klang Valley area, please let me know! This would be especially useful to me once I move out.


NAENGMYEON... This should come as no surprise considering how much I've been loving Korean food and culture. That said, this particular dish, I'm really starting to love and enjoy! This is Korean cold noodles, otherwise known as naengmyeon in Korean. It's basically buckwheat noodles (or any kind of noodles really!) that is cooked then rinsed in ice water, and placed in a icy broth, topped with some pear, apples, cucumbers, and a hard boiled egg. It pairs really well with kimchi and even BBQ meat! The mixture of hot and cold just makes it a very nice treat. I am starting to have it with every Korean meal. Maybe it's about time I try something else? *wink*


Ombre Nails!

OMBRE NAILS are something I've seen around the internet for a very long time and I've always wanted to do it myself, but was never into the whole painting my own nails thing. Now that I've discovered a joy in doing my own nails, I finally tried the ombre nails and I loved it so so much! It was so much easier than I thought it would be! Only problem was, because I had only 3 colors and they were very similar in color, the ombre effect didn't turn out as well as I hoped. I do intend to get more colors and try them out soon! Will update you on how that looks. Basically, using the same technique as above, I got the following results with the colors I currently have.

Innisfree Camellia Essential Dry Conditioner!

INNISFREE CAMELLIA ESSENTIAL DRY CONDITIONER is one product I've been using pretty consistently throughout March. I try not to wash my hair too often these days. It's simply because I feel like washing my hair every day is just such a chore! It's so long that it takes forever to wash, then takes another forever to dry! Sure it's not as long as Zoella's old hair, but still! So I tend to get lazy (obviously I wash my hair the minute I sweat!!) and use this dry conditioner instead. Especially when I want to leave it down. I just squeeze a handful of foam and rub it into my hair and VOILA! :D 

That's all I have I think for this month. Everything else has been pretty routine over the last month. I am still in the midst of getting used to being someone's fiancee. I just spent a couple of days in Jakarta with my future mom in law and just recently got back. It was a great trip and I'll blog about it soon enough, but I've also been busy with so many things, it's getting a bit hard to keep track of. I'm still figuring out a lot of things, and because I am not married yet, a lot of things are currently in transition. I know not many people notice, but I've also stopped vlogging. Don't really have a good place to vlog (for now!), but when I do, I will vlog. 

Thank you everyone for your support! 

Love always,
DancerGal Sheryl!