November 28, 2014

In the Life of DancerGal: 20th November 2014

So on this particular day, I had a fun day out with friends.

From 11am, I drove to Subang, SS15, to meet up with Charmaine (a cousin of mine!) at Cosans Coffee. Our friends, John Low and Carmen Wong met us there and decided to drive us to Empire Subang for lunch. Carmen (then-preggers!) had decided on Serai and so, we went.

Our lunch was relatively simple and I didn't eat much anyway. We had some dishes (the steamed fish was pretty awesome and the fried brinjal was really good!) and the bill came up to about RM 80 plus (I think? I don't really remember cos it's been a while.

Then we headed off to Cosans Coffee for some coffee (like duh!) and to play some board games. Carmen had the green tea latte which was pretty yummy. I shall return and try it for myself. I had the iced french vanilla latte and that was pretty good as well. I definitely will go back to try more stuff. See you guys there, maybe? :)

Around 6pm, I headed off to Bangsar Village for a quick dinner with my family. Had a quick dinner at Three Little Pigs. Every time I go there, I realize the menu is really pretty small. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Your judgement. 

Then I headed off to Loudspeaker, Kota Damansara with Jeremy, Chrisy and Lyn Sheng for some much-needed karaoke/relaxation/catching up session. The prices there are relatively affordable and will definitely be a go-back place for singing. If there was a consideration not to go back, it would be because our mics were spoilt and it took a bit of our time to get us to a new room. In terms of service, that would have to be my only complain. But yeah. I had a great time! Can't wait to spend more time out with mah friends <3 nbsp="" p="">

November 23, 2014

DancerGal's Review: Dramatic Confidence 101 / SHOWCASE

I'm gonna start by saying this review is pretty biased, because first of all, the teacher is a personal friend, and also a personal mentor. Hence, there is NOTHING bad that I will say, because I love everything he does. Oh wait, there is one. THE CLASS IS TOO SHORT! I WANNA SPEND MORE TIME WITH ALL OF YOU! :P

Anyway, back to the main point. As some of you may know, I was recently part of "SHOWCASE", a collaboration between the graduating students of Dramatic Confidence 101 and Taylor's Society of Performing Arts. SHOWCASE was a theater performance combining multiple excerpts of film scenes staged live, with segments of improvised comedy performed by the Society of Performing Arts, accompanied with LIVE directions. Lucky audiences were also given a chance to participate in the acting games and improv segment.

So, I was given the honor by the teacher, director, producer and friend, Dennis Yeap, to play Tiffany Maxwell, from "Silver Linings Playbook" alongside Jeremy Goh, who played Pat Solatano Jr. When I first got the call that he needed someone to play this role, ALL I could think about was "JENNIFER LAWRENCE PLAYED THIS ROLE! OSCAR WINNER LEH! HOW CAN?" That was my FIRST thought. Secondly, "you'll be playing alongside someone with stage paralysis". "WHAT NONSENSE IS THIS? WHAT IF HE RUNS AWAY?" So you can imagine the breath of relief and my gratitude towards Jeremy when he pulled through :)

So about this class, Dennis conducted a masterclass earlier this year for a bunch of us. A few of us joined and we did get to play with scenes, but not as elaborate as this. So, when I did get the invite to join this particular class, I was excited, but broke at the same time. Towards the last few classes, I was invited once again to join but this time, miracles happened and I was able to afford the class. I cannot thank Dennis enough for giving me that second call and giving me the opportunity to take the stage with Jeremy. Through this class, as therapeutic as it was, I found many good friends which I promise to care for as much as I can.

During the discovery of Tiffany, I also learned a lot about empathy and the human condition. I really was able to connect with Tiffany simply by the lessons that Dennis has taught me. It wasn't easy, I admit, but I did it. I am incredibly proud of Jeremy (Pat) who overcame his stage fright and really was able to connect with me on and off stage. He not only overcame his stage fright and paralysis, I was also able to find in Jeremy, a great friend, to which I am incredibly grateful for.

The other actors, Kerry-Ann, Kellen, Chrisy and Lyn Sheng, are friends who you get after spending some quality time with them. I truly love them so much. It really makes me so happy! :D Can't wait for our many years of friendship to come. I really cannot thank Dennis Yeap enough for giving me the opportunity to learn under him, and of course, to showcase (in the literal sense!) what we have learned. Through his class, I've gained not only my confidence (both on and offstage!), but I also learned about the human connection.

As for the actual show, I really had a lot of fun connecting with Tiffany and of course, Pat. It was great to be able to experiment with how and what they were all feeling and the most positive comment I could ever receive, was that someone actually thought that Jeremy and I were a real thing. HAHAHAHA! It may have seemed that way, but that just only shows what Dennis has done to us, bringing our chemistry out and I can only thank you for that.

Thank you once again to all the friends I've made throughout this course and to my support system, Mr. SammoBammo who has just been so supportive of me. I also need to mention Charmaine and Davin who came to watch the show as well. THANK YOU ALL! I had such an amazing experience and I can only move on from here. This includes in taking the friendships that I have made, FORWARD! Love you all!

P/S: To any of you who are interested, please stay tuned as I will be posting more info about Dennis' upcoming workshop! :D

November 17, 2014

Refreshing my blog...

So I know and I do realize that it's been a while since I've blogged and I'm really sorry for that. I've just been so incredibly busy, but I am currently in the process of revamping my blog, so I will be refreshing most or all of my posts, or even changing the blog link (I haven't exactly decided, so yeah!), but I will update you as soon as I can.

Thanks for staying tune! <3 :="" and="" hugs="" kisses="" loads="" nbsp="" of="" p="">