November 27, 2015

Late Night Updates

So, I had a ton of coffee and now I realize I can't sleep. LOL. My fault, my bad, but I realized as well, that I could use this time to update my blog.

After my last blog post, I realized that I didn't really blog about updates in my own life, and it's been a while since my last actual blog post, so here goes nothing.


For those of you who didn't know, I have just recently tied the knot to my then-bf, then-fiance, now-husband, SammoBammo. We have been together for 5 years (as of May 2015) and decided to get married in August 2015. Other than the fact we are living together, nothing much has changed and I'm pretty happy with that. You know how most couples have this post-wedding-honeymoon phase? Our phase ran out within the same day of our Nikah. HAHAHA! It's actually not a bad thing (well, for us at least!) In my personal opinion, our wedding was just to make things official. I've never felt more comfortable with anyone else, so the wedding was kinda a formality. Also, being a wife is pretty fun.

Also, I've been working pretty hard on my ISTD examinations. I will be aiming (that's if I don't get preggers!) to take my ISTD Advanced 1 Tap Examinations in 2016, which is a pretty big goal for me personally. I've been attending regular classes once a week, and I hope to increase that to 2 times a week after the 2016 Chinese New Year celebrations. I really want to work hard and get at least a high Merit and then work on getting my Associate, so that I can send students in for exams under my own name. It's going to take about 3-4 years by the time this happens, but I hope it will all be worth it! My tap shoes are almost like my second pair of shoes. Lots of practice time and hard work! FIGHTING!


Since I have left PR, I actually have not taken up a proper job, but I am now in the midst of starting up my own business. I can't really disclose too much at the moment, but when I can, I will. Other than that, I have been doing some freelance commercial dance gigs (actually only about 1-2 in the past year!), as well as some writing gigs. All freelance, because I am honestly dedicating my time to 2 things at the moment. My business as well as my tap exams. These are my main focuses for the rest of the year as well as the coming year.


Since I've gotten married, my best friend got married herself and is in the midst of preparing for her own reception. One of my friends from the gang group is in the midst of having her second baby and is expected to give birth sometime end this year. Another friend of mine is taking her business to a whole new level by going all out in her marketing. All my friends are doing incredibly well and I'm so proud of all of them. We may not necessarily meet all the time, but I am glad to call them my friends and as I mentioned in my last blog post, friendship is something that I realized as something much more than just what we see on social media or even via normal messaging. Friendship is something I definitely hold a lot closer to my heart. Thank you to all my friends for being there. Love you all xoxo.

That's about it really. There's nothing much to update other than that. I hope you all have a great day and a great week ahead (as it probably will be that long before I blog again - if not longer)

Also, a special announcement: I would like to TRY (keyword: TRY) to document my very first Christmas as a married woman. Christmas has always been a crazy exciting time for me, regardless of my status. And since I don't vlog, it wouldn't make sense for me to do #vlogmas, so I will try to do #blogmas where I will TRY my best to blog every day starting from 1st December till 24th December. It may work, it may not, but I will definitely try. Also, the topics for #blogmas may vary, so please leave a comment if there are any topics that you would like my opinion on. I may or may not blog about it, so no promises, but do leave me some ideas.

Looking forward to Christmas!

Love always,
DancerGal Sheryl!

November 24, 2015

The Tests of Friendship - Marriages / Weddings

After attending at least 4 weddings post-my-own-wedding, I've come to the realization that friendship is a true test of whether or not certain people deserve to be called friends in your life.

The first thing most people must be screaming is, "Simple. If they attend your wedding, then they are your friends". In actual fact, no, it's not that simple. 

A friend, in my personal opinion, is not necessarily the person who is there physically. I've come to this realization when my own best friend could not be there for my own wedding. However, what made me realize this, wasn't so much the fact that she couldn't be there. It was more of the fact that I did not kick up a fuss and when she apologized, I scolded her for apologizing to me. 

We need to be reminded that your friend also has his/her own life. If circumstances have been placed in that way, it doesn't mean that he/she does not want to attend your wedding. It's very easy to get angry or upset at them. What makes them a friend, or let me rephrase, what makes YOU a friend, is to understand their situation. Imagine the dilemma going through their heads. Being a good friend means you help to understand what is going on. If they are not giving you trouble, why are you giving them trouble? If you don't sympathize with them, my question is why don't you? 

During the process of a wedding, the bride, groom, maid of honor(s), bridesmaids, parents and if you have one, your wedding planner, are already stressed out enough. The last thing you would need from a friend is more stress. Being a true friend means not adding on the stress. During my wedding, I would call up a few friends for coffee (they need not be named because they know who they are!) to actually vent about problems and the unnecessary stress I've already been receiving. And for that, I thank you all so much. I hope I was able to de-stress some of you during your wedding prep as well, rather than contribute to the stress. 

This doesn't just apply to friendship pre-wedding. It also applies to post-wedding. Bearing in mind that upon marriage, your friend and yourself no longer are alone. We all now have an extra person (or two, or three) in our lives now. If you honestly treasure your friendship, you can no longer view it as a two-person friendship. Every newlywed couple has to start learning how to live with one another, especially couples who are living with their in laws. Regardless of how you look at it, there's always some form of stress that comes along with it. As a true friend, would you really want to contribute to that?

To be honest, in my opinion, in times of weddings and marriages, do you really see who cares for you and who deserves to be called a true friend. Someone who loves you, someone who truly treasures your friendship.

A true friend never demands attention from you, but seeks to help behind-the-scenes. A true friend does not need to show your friendship to the world, but seeks to remind you of their value to you and you alone. A true friend does not need validation from you, but seeks to remind you of your own self-worth.

At the end of the day, to me personally, friendship is a relationship. You can drift apart, you can break up, you can realize that the friend that you have isn't the one you want. It takes work, effort and time. If you realize a certain friend isn't the right one for you, it's time to rethink your friendship.

And just like a relationship, there are times when you will have to break it up.

Friendship is one topic that is very subjective and personal. I am not here to give friendship advice. I am just merely giving my thoughts on what I have gone through myself personally. To the friends who have stuck by me, I thank you. To the friends who did not make the cut, I hold no grudges and wish you all the best. At the end of the day, our own happiness matters. I'm glad I found my friends.

Love always,
Puan Sheryl Ho.