July 27, 2012

In the life of DancerGal: Fasting for the very first time!

For the first time in my entire life, I am trying to fast during the Ramadan period. Well, many people think that it's because of SammoBammo. SB may be a very small part of it, but I also wanted to find out what my other Muslim friends go through on a yearly basis. Some of you may not know this, but aside from SammoBammo, I do have other Muslim friends, YOU KNOW? *sarcasm*

So anyway, I've asked around, proudly announcing that I'll be fasting, cos honestly, I thought it was quite cool! Little did I realize, the condemnation that was going to happen to me.

As most of you may know, I am a Christian. I come from an Anglican church. Notice how I didn't use past tense? This is because I still consider myself a Christian, regardless of what people say. Well, people tried to discourage me and blame SammoBammo for "trying" to convert me. This is complete and total nonsense! Anyway, I just basically had to buckle down and just do it, while ignoring all the negativity that's happening around me. Something I could do fairly well, with all my friends (Muslim, of course!) encouraging and motivating me :)

It's been 3 days of fasting. Day 1 was REALLY tough. I took my first meal at around 7am. Yes, I know it's not the proper sahur, but then again, I wanted to take it slow. So I told myself that I wouldn't eat for the rest of the day. By 4pm, I was thirsty and hungry!!! I honestly couldn't tahan, so I took a cup of Iced Chinese Tea. It was upon my first gulp, that I felt like such a useless person. And please bear in mind, I'm not doing this out of any religious beliefs whatsoever. Yet, I felt so.... incompetent?

It was at this point, that I truly admired all my Muslim friends. If you don't believe me, I even asked some of them, "How did you do this?". I got many answers. It was quite amazing. So on the third day of fasting, I told myself that I would try and do the full day, as in wake up for sahur and all that. So I did. Woke up at 5am, prepared myself some oats, and had that for "sahur". Went off to work, and I was due for dinner with SammoBammo and his family. It was a very simple home-cooked meal. But you know what? It had to be the BEST dinner I've ever had. Why? Because I had lasted the FULL DAY! I was so damn proud of myself. :) It meant that it was possible. The feeling you get when you buka with your friends/loved ones, after fasting with them a whole day long, is just amazing!!! :)

Since then, and even right now as I'm typing this, I am fasting. I encourage each and every Malaysian at heart to try it. Even if not the whole month, do it once and arrange for a nice buka meal with your friends <3 It truly is an amazing experience. :)

Love always,
DancerGal Sheryl

July 21, 2012

Nothing is impossible!

As a Cempakan, I've always been taught (well, for the 2 years that I was studying there and for the 1.5 years that I was was working there) that "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE".

With that, I recently took that term to the extremes when something amazing happened to me :) I really believe now that nothing is impossible! I will update when possible, but I've got my OMG and Oprah moments! Know that this is FOR REAL! <3

"Nothing is impossible" - Dato' Freida Pilus
"Anything is possible if you just believe" - Pinocchio 

Special SHOUTOUT to www.motivationMY.com and www.inspire.fm <3 THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the opportunity and the motivation, inspiration and encouragement! :)

Love always,
DancerGal Sheryl

July 7, 2012

#SaferMalaysia - Being safe by feeling safe!

Recently, our social media has been filled with news/ statuses/ shares/ etc about people being mugged, robbed, stabbed, etc. It's quite depressing really.. as if you look at it from a different perspective, people are being so "desperate" that they'd resort to robbing and stealing in broad daylight, without any concern about the wellbeing of others. In my honest opinion, these type of people should no longer be around us, but I guess times have come to this.

Sorry for the ranting, but back to my main point... Ever wondered why you felt so insecure and unsafe?

Did you ever notice, that while walking in malls, there are women who cling onto their bags for dear life? Men keeping a tight hand on their pockets or even in it? Did YOU ever wonder what was in their bags/wallets that they were trying to hide/protect? Unless they are politicians, I seriously doubt that they are trying to protect the illegitimate photos or data of them, but rather CASH! And in today's day and age, who doesn't need some extra cash?

I honestly sometimes think to myself, "Are you serious?"!!! Cos don't these people realize that they are attracting attention to themselves? I have absolutely no intentions of taking anything from them, but even then, I am curious to the amounts of cash they probably have on them.

But in all honesty, they probably are only carrying around RM 200? Yet, why draw attention to it?

I hear stories of people getting mugged, car-jacked, etc, and I've come to realize the similarities:

  1. They weren't really aware of their surroundings. Honestly, when you walk to your car in a parking lot, do you take notice of certain things like if there are people following you? Panic buttons? The area that your cars are parked in? There is a possibility of being alert without looking scared. Look confident, yet be alert. It's really not that difficult. Twisting your head around like a manic dog, isn't really going to help. 
  2. They didn't really "see it happening". Seriously? Did you seriously "SEE IT HAPPENING"? Which moron in the right frame of mind would say "Oh, I'm going to be robbed in T minus 5 minutes"? SERIOUSLY! Come on people! 
I guess what I'm trying to say here, is that it's time that not only we help each other be on the lookout, but also, what I'm trying to say is, DON'T LOOK LIKE YOU'RE PROTECTING YOUR LIFE! It makes an ordinary person question what's on you, let alone someone who's looking and searching for vulnerability. 

Everyone, please stay alert and be safe always! Let's keep to a #SaferMalaysia! :) 

Love always,
DancerGal Sheryl <3