December 5, 2015

Blogmas Day 1: The perfect Christmas colors

So for those of you who don't know, when it comes to this time of the year, I always get very very festive and it's most definitely my most favorite time of the year. And although I am pretty against the idea of a "Father Christmas", I do love the idea of snow, and prettily decorated trees during this time of the year. And before the fact that Christmas was even around the corner, many people around me noticed that I am a huge fan of this time of the year and has been asking me about what are "Christmas colors" as some pre-Christmas parties have already set that as a dress code. So here I am, blogging about the best Christmas colors! *insert excited face emoji*

Code 1: Red & Green

The first color code is RED & GREEN which is pretty common considering Christmas trees are green and Father Christmas is red. Most people would automatically associate this color combination as Christmas, so I guess that's one of the combos. Moving on...

Code 2: Red & White

This isn't exactly my personal favorite combo (RED & WHITE) simply because if a male were to don these colors, regardless of your size, they'll start calling you "Santa Claus". If you were a female, they'll start calling you "Santarina". First of all, that's a pretty sexist thing, but that's another topic in itself. Secondly, you know how people say white makes you look fat? Unfortunately, as a chubby person, I agree. If the majority of your attire is red and there is a bit of white, it's fine. But if its the other way around, then you might wanna re-consider your attire, which leads me to my personal favorite combo...

Code 3: Blue & Silver

This is personally one of my favorite combinations during Christmas time. BLUE & SILVER are sort of the underdogs of Christmas. Red kinda always steals its limelight. But blue kinda gives that feeling of a cold and cozy Christmas, to me at least. Silver adds a touch of beautiful elegance to it. I've always wanted to decorate my Christmas tree with blue and silver baubles! When I do get one that is... Anyway, nowadays there are so many beautiful Christmas shades but this blue and silver combo makes me feel like there is a class of elegance in Christmas. Speaking of elegance...

Code 4: Red & Gold

The next elegant colors that I simply adore during Christmas is RED & GOLD. It's not only pretty but also incredibly elegant and classy. The gold adds a touch of class to the red, bringing out a lovely elegant side of Christmas. These colors remind me of a high-end Christmas party. Of course that's not all there is to it. The colors are just really pretty that's all :)

There are actually many other combinations such as blue & white, silver & red, gold & green... But these 4 are the top in most people's books. That said, Christmas is just such a fun time and color combos are the best way to just show it off, so don't go out and get yourself a new dress to suit the color scheme. Instead, save your money and give to those in need. Christmas is also a time of giving.

Christmas is not just about your dress code. It's about the presents. Giving to those in need, your friends and your family are just the best ways to celebrate Christmas. Also, don't forget about the food! YUM YUM! I love you, Christmas!

Love you always,
DancerGal Sheryl!

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